Living authentically as a democratic, value-oriented society

Like all human societies, values and ideals form the basis of our coexistence in today's society. Institutions, rituals and everyday things are shaped by and based on our values. The Western, European community of values tries to distinguish itself by means of a very high moral standard. It tries to hold societies together by means of written down values in the form of laws and constitutions. These societal foundations form an important part of a world in which the democratic, liberal world faces many challenges.

But how can we as citizens, as people in a society committed to certain values, actively live out these values in our everyday lives? Is it enough to demand the realization of these values from elected politicians in a representative democracy?

Or are we not rather all required to stand up for our values day after day? To consciously use the power we are given as part of a state at birth. To create systems that build networks for our fellow human beings instead of competing dependencies.

Like nature, it is more and more required of us to open our consciousness and look deeper: On the visible level, the forest may be a competing system of hunters and hunted, of hosts and parasites, and of plants and fungi competing for water. But if we look deeper and more closely, we can see networks of roots and mycelia of fungi. Organic systems that distribute nutrients and water as needed to ensure the survival of as many as possible. This cooperative way of living together enables the health and future of the forest.

And cooperation and solidarity are what are needed to make our future vibrant.

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