Thinking good life differently

In Greek philosophy there was a term denoting a certain positive state of man: Eudaimonia. The term literally encompasses the benevolence of the deity (daimon) through which man achieves a state of happiness. But happiness is too narrow a term, as the concept and the attainment of this state have been shaped differently by many different schools of thought. In our own definition, these schools and traditions can help us to form our own thoughts and find a direction that works for us. Even the deity, which was part of the original meaning, does not necessarily have to be mentioned when we turn to this concept today.

Rather, it should be about understanding this term as an open question to us. What do we need in life? What does it mean for us when we speak of a good life? What do we actually need for a life to be worth living? What things do we want to possess? Are we willing to share them? What benefits do we gain from owning, what comes out of the act of sharing? What resources do we want, need to consume? How can we give something to the world, make it a little better?

How can we bring our inner self into harmony with the outer? What values do we want to represent in the world?

It can be such questions that question our lives and the way we do them. Which are part of, according to Aristotle, consummate eudaimonia: the ongoing and undisturbed philosophical pursuit.

Of course, this does not demand that we all become philosophers, or that we devote our lives entirely to philosophy. However, it can be helpful to revisit the world with questions in times of great crisis. Because in these times it is of great importance to have the courage to ask these questions. To have the courage to face such fundamental questions honestly and to allow open exits.

Because only when we can sincerely face these questions, above all the big question about the way of a good life, with our own values, can we sincerely shape change and transformation.

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