Resistance to change

In a globally connected world Changes are an essential part of our worlds. Some of them might have happened due to our own influences, some we have planned long before and worked on them for a long time. Not rarely it is one of these changes, to which we assign a high meaning: By reaching our own goals, which we’ve set in the past we experience pride and a certain satisfaction with ourselves.

But not everything happening in the world lies in the circle of our influence. If we set the circle of our own influence in relation to all happenings in the world, our range of impact is very small. Even if many things, which are outside of our own control, do have a continuous influence on our life.

The changes, which manifestation and course in our life we often can not control, sometimes occur suddenly and sometimes slowly in our life. In these situations, that the outer world challenges us. It challenges our inner poise in relation to the outer change – it poses us a challenge, which we must face. Often, we tend to face abrupt, unexpected change with frustration or aversion. We deny ourselves to recognize the opportunity that lies in change.

This denial often comes from a fear of the unknown, the Self searches for safety and protection. Everything foreseeable and plannable seems to be of ease, but anything uncontrollable sometimes have the potential to throw us off-track.

But what truly happens, if we just dare to go through the door of change? If we let go of the urge to control everything and just surrender to life – surrender and witness, without classification and evaluation of the events?

How do we reduce resistance to inevitable change? How can we face the world in a way in which we are able to create and mold our life? Even if the future is not plannable and completely aligned to our desires?

“Let us laugh together, with all our hearts, all the people of Tao, because, in the words of Laotzu, if there were no laughter, the Tao would not be what it is.”

- Alan Watts, Tao – The Watercourse Way

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