Potential of change

A Scenario, a possible future, in which natural catastrophes are part of the daily life is nothing very inviting.

But dystopian Scenarios as such, which make us feel uncomfortable might be necessary for us to think of change as a better alternative than keeping the wealth-oriented lifestyle. Because even if we certainly know of the necessity of change – we still tend to create days of remembrance of our errors, but fail to change. For example we remind ourselves of the consumption of the natural Resources of the earth on a yearly basis, we know certainly what we are doing wrong. It is known, that change is inevitable, but still we are so resistant to it.

Despite the coming changes of the natural systems, which surround us, it is up to us how we treat the life on earth.

How we, wherever possible, wield influence to serve the life on earth: for every co-habitant on this planet. Sometimes opening to change seems terrifying, but despite the horror of the new there awaits a light: A light of new chances and hopes.

When we want to see change in todays’ modern democracies, we tend to approach politics in a demanding way. We put up expectations and demands to politics, but do not change our own behavior. How much an individual can change amidst societal systems is another debate, but there are certain questions we should ask ourselves when we think of change.

And certainly these questions regarding change will give rise to ideas of a different future. And these ideas are needed in democracy.

Each and everyone of us is a part of democracy. Everyone knows the sad feeling, when facing the utter destruction of life, of forests, of every single tree that is cut down – should we not all be engaged for sustaining high chances of the ability of trees to live? So that we can still enjoy the company of chestnuts, olive groves and little daisys?

Resistance often sounds very harsh, but if it is for the right matter it is a necessity: For the life on this planet, for us, and mostly for ourselves.

“12 Rules for successful Resistance”

1)     Everything could be different.

2)     Change solely depends on you.

3)     Take yourself seriously because of that.

4)     Stop to agree.

5)     Make a stand, as soon as you are not agreeing.

6)     You always have a sphere of influence.

7)     Enlarge your spheres of influences, wherever you already have influence and where you are.

8)     Build alliances.

9)     Calculate with backlashes, especially from your own.

10)  You are not responsible for the world.

11)  How your resistance looks like, is totally dependent on your possibilities.

12)  And from your way of having fun.

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