There will be text series on this page, starting with week #40 2021. These will be included in a newsletter that you can subscribe to via the respective buttons in green and here at the bottom of the website.
The first series of texts will be about the relationship of the mind and the heart to outer and inner change. Resistance and Taoist perspectives on life will play a role.

In brief:
Publication interval: Once a week; Sundays
Structure: Two-Sections

  1. The explanation, presentation of the philosophical concept.
  2. The visualisation of the concept in scenes and stories to get into the after-feeling of the thoughts; these will be read on the following blog:

wortlaub - only words

Change and Resistance: Table of Contents

  1. Does the future of our changing planet threaten the prosperity of humanity?
  2. A life in distress
  3. Potential of change
  4. Resistance to change
  5. Who are we at the moment?
  6. Who could we be?
  7. Abundance as a burden
  8. How could we think of a good life differently?
  9. How would we have to live and behave in order to align ourselves individually and socially with our values?
  10. The tension between having and being
  11. Being: Shaping life mindfully, authentically and openly
  12. Living everyday life authentically

After that, there will be the following series of texts here, or in the newsletter, among others:
Interpretations of David Bowie's lyrics
Interpretations of politics
and more...

Best regards,
Marc von der Linde

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