This newsletter is for all those who feel in their heart, in their soul, that a change is needed. That they are somehow doing what they always wanted to do, but in everyday life a certain emptiness all too often spreads.
An emptiness that has been tried to be filled by the mind.

So how do we reconcile our need for meaning, for connection, for a foothold in the world with our everyday lives, which are often so contrary to what the dreaming mind imagined as our future?

If we can rule out that our low level of aliveness is due to certain factors, all too often we fail only to structure our thoughts - or to use our mind correctly. But as soon as we understand that it is possible to use the mind in connection with our heart and that we do not always have to - and cannot - control every situation through the mind, we begin to live.

This series of texts is about opening up to life. It is meant to help you - and me too - to recognise and accept the limits of separateness, the limits of the mind. In order to then be able to open further to the opportunities and the vastness of trust, of surrendering to the moment.

For this purpose there will be two general parts of the newsletter:
First of all, there will be a "theory section", a philosophical, spiritual or any other theoretical concept that feeds the mind, gives it nourishment, a perspective of interpretation and contemplation that can serve as a guideline, a help in everyday life.
The second section will lead you into your heart. It is important that you try to give yourself space to empathise with these stories. That you dare to feel what you are capable of feeling and take your time with these texts, because these texts will neither make you more efficient nor more effective, if I do my job right, they will "just" make you feel something.

After reading, you may want to take notes. Imagine how you might encounter situations, stories like these in your everyday life. How you have looked at them so far - and how you might look at them differently in a few weeks.
All this may sound very difficult and demanding now - so here it is again in short form:
First series of texts: On change, mind and heart.
After that: among others: spiritual expeditions with song lyrics by David Bowie.

Publication interval: weekly
Structure: Two-part
Theory here
Stories on Word-Leaf
Notebook / diary recommended as a means of introspection

Hartelijke Groeten,
Marc von der Linde

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