A lifestyle in distress

We are living in times of huge uncertainties: The planet we live on and many social systems, which were the basis of the societal scheme of economical growth and free markets seem to be questioned by many. The reasons for this questioning are multiple: For example the exploitation of natural resources and the unequal distribution of the gained wealth by industrial production.

The whole scheme of western life in industrialized societies, which made the promise of giving its citizens the chances to realize their potentials in modern societies, is wobbling. The idea of having a safe future for which it is only rational to learn and prepare for seems to be irrational in the face of scientific predictions of the rapidly changing climate.

How does one not lose faith in life, when the future seems so insecure? How does one balance between the lethargic fear of the future and the comfort of recklessness?

Many of today’s movements present the possible lack of a future as solvable, the fight for a sustainable life on this planet – is in theory – not yet lost. Others insist on the track of technology, regarding the technologization of the planet as the solution of the challenges which arose of the collision between human culture and natural systems.

But even if huge climate changes become inevitable, how do we stay open to change? How do we stay true to our values?

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